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Our Penang Peranakan Specialties have delighted our customers since we opened our home-based kitchen delights for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoying our exquisite delights from our kitchen is just a phone call or Whatsapp away these days. Our bestsellers to date include Penang Yam Cake; Penang Nasi Ulam; Acar Awak; Otak-Otak; and Belacan Chicken.

More culinary delights from the northern regions of Malaysia’s Straits Settlement are now being fine tuned to meet the ever growing demand for our home-based kitchen dishes.

We offer Agar Jelly Cakes too for special occasions; bringing the world of agar and jelly into your homes.

Subang Jaya Nyonya Curry Chicken Bun Makes Heads Turn and Appetites Growling for More

Are you missing your favourite Curry Chicken Bun? We are sure you are thinking when was the last time you cut into the freshly baked bread to uncover curry chicken cooked in thick gravy with potatoes wrapped inside.

We are also sure you are imagining dipping the aromatic bread into the curry gravy while partaking in the well-cooked chicken and potatoes that go very well with it.

Imagine no more! Subang Jaya’s Nyonya Curry Chicken Bun has just opened its doors for orders from its home-based kitchen to serve up this local favourite with a Nyonya twist to it. The curry is made a la Nyonya and makes every dip a mouth-watering adventure.

Suitable for lunch or dinner, orders are accepted at least 2 days in advance. Each order is prepared just an hour before the pick-up time.

Whatsapp us at 012-493 8557 to find out more.

The otak-otak and nasi ulam are simply the best, brings back memories of my family's olden days in Penang. Authentic recipes that we thought are extinct is alive in SimplyAgar!

Jessica TengNyonya Lunch Pack 1

Delicious all natural mango jelly cake..😍 my mum enjoyed it for her birthday.. thank you for making it an unique yummy experience...

Lee Beng HooiMango Jelly

Fabulously creative and delish!!! Too pretty to even eat..

Rosita HeilekJelly Birthday Cake

Authentic Penang Peranakan food, delivered to your doorstep.

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